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Naturally, a prospect OT4 has been suggested. Digimon boasts several examples, consisting mainly of each season’s Power Trio: The list goes on. It helps that Zoe tried to kiss Max in episode 58 and kissed Rex in episode Marron is sometimes paired up in an OT3 with Pan and Bra as well, though it doesn’t seem as common as pairing her with Goten and Trunks. Interestingly, this started out as an example of Ships That Pass in the Night , since Videl and Future Trunks had never met, and it was a fairly niche triad. But after Future Trunks and Videl met in Dragon Ball Super , they were shown to get along very well, and the threesome spiked in popularity amongst the fandom practically overnight. Especially because of each of them is some sort of “gang” leader, which also kinda makes them enemies, ergo, unintended Foe Yay. It helps that Walker and Erika both explicitly ship it, though they seem to disagree on which of them would be the vortex.

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Born2BeViral Video release date: Jul 18th, Are you wondering what iCarly Sam and Freddie are up to nowadays? Can’t you stop humming iCarly theme song? Would you like to know what Miranda Cosgrove look like in ? Than today’s video is for you!

Freddie might throw a fit if he finds out I didn’t say anything before leaving” you said. “I will. Make sure you call me later whenever you’re available.

Will the elevator get fixed? Is Sheldon just Spock wearing a disguise? Okay, maybe not that last one, but it did give us something to think about. According to the internet, for every show and movie, there is at least one fan theory. According to Reddit user thetheoryguys , Sheldon is imagining the events of the series while incarcerated in a mental asylum. Talk about a wild imagination. While she is now sometimes called Penny Hofstadter, fans can only guess what her maiden name is.

The guys have certainly made some irresponsible choices, perhaps ending the world is the next logical step? Seeing as how Howard is an accomplished aerospace engineer, has terrible luck with other women he encounters, and not only does Bernadette love him for who he really is, but also displays similar traits to his mother, this seems to make a lot of sense when compared to other theories. Reddit user ConspirOC theorizes that Bernadette has changed since her first appearance in the series, going from a shy, sweet person, to a ruder, more spiteful wife for Howard, and the pharmaceutical company where she works is behind it.

However, what if this is because Sheldon is simply a figment of his mind? In a video by British TV channel E4 , which broadcasts The Big Bang Theory, a theory is given that Leonard suffers from schizophrenia, and he only sees Sheldon because his mind is projecting a person that follows him around to criticize his insecurities and shortcomings. Wolowitz to begin with?

The Big Bang Theory: 20 Weird Fan Theories (That Make Too Much Sense)

Sequel to ‘iGet stuck in an elevator’ So Sam and Freddie out of the elevator, and decide to start a secret relationship, but will any good come from keeping Carly in the dark? Fiction T – English. I mean, doesn’t it feel a little bizarre and unnatural? Fearlesss Movies TV Wikis. I am a smart female.

Picture this: Sam and Freddie have been secretly dating for nine months. They want to spend the weekend together to celebrate ten months together, but Sam knows she can’t leave her crazy red-headed roommate alone.

When Nathan auditioned for iCarly, Dan Schneider shaped Freddie’s character after this minor role to have a major crush on Carly. Freddie gets jealous of every guy who Carly has a crush on, or guys who have a crush on her, and Carly shows the same jealousy about his relationships. The reason he gets so mad about it is because he is so attached to her. Carly seems pretty interested in Freddie’s love life and asks details about his dates and kisses.

Carly and Freddie slow danced alone together in iSpeed Date. Throughout recent episodes, Freddie and Carly smile at each other a lot, have flirty conversations, touch each other a lot, and seem to have great interest in each other’s love lives. Freddie and Carly kissed a total of 4 times in iSaved Your Life 6 times in the extended version. Carly has said that they love each other out loud on two separate occasions.

Creddie was the first main cast couple to actually date iSaved Your Life. In an online interview, Miranda Cosgrove said that she would like Carly to have “another little romance” with Freddie. Miranda Cosgrove has said she would like to see Carly and Freddie get back together and has also stated that her favorite episode was iSaved Your Life. Freddie is not at all afraid to admit that he loves Carly, and he does so on several occasions.

Their first moment together was where Freddie picked up Carly’s water bottle and admitted he loves her in the first episode. It is made clear to the viewer that Freddie had told Carly about his feelings before.

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Ttakepa by JonathonWolf reviews Due to an accident on a mission, Ron and Shego are sent through a dimensional gateway. Now they must work together in this strange land to get home. Rated for future chapters. Kim Possible – Rated:

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Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men, Episode 223 – L…

UlquiHime, for those who love a good case of Stockholm Syndrome. There’s also GrimmHime as well. Not to mention Ishigo and Ichida and another ‘easy’ round of “guess the pairing”.

iCarly tweeted “So this just happened. We STILL can’t get over that Sam and Freddie are dating! NEW iCARLY in 2 DAYS!” to promote the episode.

There is occasional cracky Real-Person Fic smutfic based around Jerry Trainor, who plays Spencer, being involved as well. Usually with Jennette, who had a crush on him when she was younger. Max Ehric and Jennette McCurdy have in the past created videos together and spent time together giving rise to people who ship them together. This has lead to some Ship-to-Ship Combat between people who bring up that relationship and those who ship Jathan. This might be one of the more realistic pairings, since James and Miranda have brought up or had each other brought up in interviews.

James once opined that their careers would prevent them from giving each other the attention a relationship deserves. All Animation Is Disney: People magazine once identified Miranda Cosgrove as one of Disney’s child stars. Sam Puckett displays classic signs of sociopathy such as a lack of empathy and guilt, a parasitic lifestyle leeching money off Carly and the gang , impulsiveness, poor behavior control always beating Freddy and everyone else , being manipulative any time she makes up a plan , being emotionally shallow, a poster child of juvenile delinquency, superficial charm, need for stimulation the eagerness of her wanting to hurt someone or make them suffer as a way to relieve boredom.

Also Carly could know this already and willing to exploit it as she rarely has qualms about Sam beating Freddie mercilessly on any occasion and the fact that in “ILookalikes” she doesn’t bother letting Spencer get beat up and go against his wishes a lot of the time.

sam & freddie | iGoodbye t(w)oo [500+]

The Breeding Ground by megamatt09 reviews Various one shots Harry’s various naughty adventures or misadventures, depending on your angle , with women. Harry Potter – Rated: M – English – Romance – Chapters:

SeddieAnonymous is a fanfiction author that has written 73 stories for iCarly, Flipped, Hunger Games, and Victorious. 14 Jul “Look,” Carly said as Sam and Freddie stood on the staircase, out of their best friend’s gaze as she talked to Spencer and Jenna.

TV Shows iCarly, Since: So far this is all I’ve got. I’m still on the search for more. T – English – Romance – Chapters: She’s all mixed signals and mysterious smirks. The girl should come with a manual. She’s got one of almost every moment spent with him – just because she tends to hold onto lost causes. Carly decided if it was the last thing she was going to do, she was going to fix this.

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