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Posted by admin on November 17, No comments When is comes to this area of this line of transmissions, it is real difficult to nail it down. Type 1 trannys use a fairly common midplate from what i can gather, differences being between diesel and gas models. GM started having trouble with a harsh engagement when shifting into drive or overdrive on some R4 models, which over a period of time not only irritated the customer but tore up the forward clutch of the transmission. Companies like Superior make a kit to retrofit this valve into your transmissions so you can do away with the electrical lock-up all together. For performance, it seems GM had many parts that were corvette specific. Posted by admin on November 8, No comments so something i have been trying to find a happy medium on transmission builds is what is largely known as parasitic drag. Posted by admin on October 24, No comments the main difference between the R4 and the 4L60E is the valve body in my opinion.

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Yes this is with larger injectors. Ryan January 18, at And dose it have an old 2 port so I could use Dakota digital gauges? Trevor Kriewall January 20, at 5: Would I be able to program 46 injectors in it?

The TV cable on the R4 and R transmissions controls line pressure, shift points, shift feel, part throttle downshifts, and detent (full throttle) downshifts. So if the TV cable is not adjusted properly, it can cause numerous transmission problems.

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“do you need the computer to use a 700r4 trans on an older motor chevy 327?”?

I know i gotta deal with the kick down cable but wat about the speed sensor cable i cant seem to find where one would go. Post Reply I love my Chevy Chevette! The 4L60E did not show till There is no kick down cable either there is just a throttle valve cable TV Cable. You would also need electronic speedometer gears in order to run it instead of mechanical. And there is a company that makes gauges that also sell a cable style gauge that can hook-up to an electric style plug-in.

r4 r 4l80e converters crossmembers tv system tv cable cooling lines overdrive gm automatic torque converter transmission Stainless steel cooling lines for R4, R, TH, TH and Power Glide transmissions.

I’m wondering if I can put this engine in a newer Chevy K with a bad I would like to have a extended cab with back doors or a 4 door pickup. If I can, what year can I go up to? What will I have to swap on the engine? Thanks for any help! Things that affect oil pressure are the weight of the oil used, temperature of the engine, engine rpm, clearances in the oil pump, the screen on the oil pick up, pressure relief valve, cam and crank bearing clearances. Just from the information you posted, it would seem your mechanic has made a logical call on replacing the engine or crank kit it.

I am sorry that I don’t have any good news to give you. You could see the place where you bought the truck to see if they are willing to help you out. If it’s a used car dealer, see if they would take it back on a trade. Or try to sell it and buy another vehicle. Using an ohm meter, measure the resistance between the sender connector contact and the instrument cluster connector. You would have to remove the cluster and unplug it The cluster connector should be A to Z on the connector with the dark green wire being R.

However, most of the time, if the correct coolant sender is put in and the gauge is still reading cold, it’s a bad gauge unit.

FiTech EFI LS Induction System Features

Our AOD Pro Shift Super Servo delivers better holding capacity, provides a positive 4th gear shift and helps eliminate premature overdrive band failure. An adjustable pin tip is included to set perfect band clearance. Some of the benefits you will see when using our Pro Shift Super Servo Package are positive shifts, quicker servo release on the downshift, positive kick down and better holding capacity in 4th.

The paddle unit is powered by simply attaching to the horn button wire, eliminating any external wiring on the column.

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If you have a VSS signal from a transmission or any 2-wire sender i. Make sure the dip switches on the speedometer are not set backwards. Open is pushed in away from the numbers. If no change is seen after you have made dip switch changes, verify that power was off when the changes were made. Check the voltage to the speedometer with a meter. One wire to ground and one to brown harness wire.

Necessary when calibrating speedometer. Sometimes the pushbutton is not connected to a ground. Check for continuity through pushbutton should have continuity only when button is being pressed The pushbutton does not move very much when pressed making it hard to tell if you are actually getting the pushbutton to work. If you are having troubles calibrating, make sure to press the pushbutton extra hard to insure it is making contact.

clicking speedometer cure

When the brakes are applied the relay switches to pin 87 and the circuit is broken, thus unlocking the torque converter. A common Bosch-type relay used. If you do not understand basic wiring, get help from someone who does or research it first. It’s not rocket science. The Relay Applications Guide under ‘Resources’ below has the required info, for example.

When pressure is applied, the switch closes the internal contacts to complete the circuit.

It will probably help you find the speedometer cable and its route through the firewall, it has to go through the body of the cab somewhere, by removing the instrument cluster first. I am giving you an exploded diagram of the instrument cluster, it does not show cable hookup but may come in handy.

Tweet For accountants, there are two certainties: Together, both are tedious enough to make me want death. As we sat down for the drive, my boss smiled. He knew what was coming. I turned the ignition; the car sputtered lamely. I primed it with a flick of the gas and the V8 rumbled to life. T-Top off, we hit the country roads near the course. The brakes were spongy and non-linear, the pedal travel was maddening and the stock automatic only had three speeds.

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The 4L60E is computer controlled. This is the one I use in my 67 Camaro. The R is a good transmission when it’s built with all the HP upgrades but can be a little troublesome to getting it to shift the way you want. For example, if you don’t like the shift points at wide open throttle, then you would have to drop the transmission pan to access the governor so you can recalibrate it. The has a cover on the left side for easy access to the governor.

Also the upgrades for the will be at a much higher cost.

Calibrating a Speedometer Story & Photos By Jim Clark (The Hot Rod MD) Many of us “gearheads” have had the experience of being pulled over by our friendly local law-enforcement officer and being told that we were exceeding the posted speed limit.

The similar pickup truck models had switched to the newer platforms in the model year. Both 2WD and 4WD models, designated “C” and “K”, were offered, as well as half ton and three-quarter ton ” ” and ” ” models. The base engine for all variants was the small-block 5. Ground clearance was 6. The manual transmission option from the previous generation was dropped. The GMT series introduced independent front suspension. The 2WD models used coil springs and 4WD models used torsion bars in the front suspension.

All models used a live axle and leaf springs in the rear. Top speed of a Suburban is governed on the engine for economy. Interior seating arrangements allowed for either bucket or bench seating in the first row, and optional third row bench. The vehicle could be configured from two- to nine-passenger seating. Beginning in , GM began making numerous annual changes to the Suburban, including:

How To: TH400 Speedometer driven gear and seal replacement

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